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Since Shayda's first award and government grant funding for Excellence in Photography at the age of 16 for her images of children, this college graduate from the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, is accumulating international commissions for her dynamic and artistic photographs.

Using her talents as a photographer to create fascinating works in both both color and black-and -white forms, this international professional- whose name in Persian means one who knows only love - has been working in Hollywood while traveling throughout the United States and Europe producing powerful pictures to ingeniously capture the beauty and diversity of children, athletes, animals, architecture, landscapes, and events.

With a determination to be of service to others, Shayda's talents extend beyond her own photographic works. Sympathetic to people's needs for presenting themselves and their loved ones in the best light possible, Shayda focuses on the art of re-touching photographs. This specialized art form is generated by the vision of the artist with computer style capabilities to enhance photographic scenes and correct photographic deficiencies, primarily human and animal portraits. Shayda's work in Hollywood for actors, singers, musicians, and comedians is well-respected by both established and hopeful stars.